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Artificial Life-like Swimming Action Pike / Muskie 5" Fishing Lure

  • $12.97

$12.97 Artificial Life-like Swimming Action Pike / Muskie 5" Fishing Lure ---FREE SHIPPING!!

Product Details:

-Type: Artificial Fishing Lure
-Length: 12.5 cm / 5 inch
-Weight: Approx. 20g / 0.7oz
-Color: Red, Green, Gray, Silver, Black, Light Gray, Light Green


-5" 9-segment fishing lure
-2 strong and sharp treble hooks
-3D life-like eyes
-High resolution body detail
-Smooth and rapid diving action
-Life-like swimming actions in water provoke predator to bite
-Durable ABS material contributes to longer life of lure
-Specially for pike and muskie

This 5" multi-jointed hard bait is one of the best accessories in your tackle box. It has a life-like appearance and can create life-like swimming actions in the water to provoke the predator to bite. Take this fishing lure if you want to catch fish!

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