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Mini Silicone Artificial Fluorescent Jellyfish Aquarium Decoration

  • $9.97

$9.97 Mini Silicone Artificial Fluorescent Jellyfish Aquarium Decoration ---FREE SHIPPING!!

Product Details:

-Type: Fish Ornament Aquarium Decoration
-Material: Silicone
-Size: 7*1.9 inches
-Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow
-Packaging: 1 Jellyfish Tank Decoration


Ideal decoration for your fish tank or aquarium
Incredibly detailed imitation of a floating jellyfish
Moves by the water current in tank
For both fresh and salt water
Attaches by thin invisible line and suction cup, can be randomly positioned
Glowing effect (The glowing effect is the fluorescence effect. When the object absorbs the energy from the light, it will slightly emit a glow for a while in darkness)
It will not glow on its own. It will need the aquarium light.

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